courtroom recording system

Courtroom recording system 4 channel

Courtroom recording system 4 channel.

Martel’s new Martel Electronics DM246 digital court room recorder. Courtroom audio recording system since the BM246 or Lanier Advocate 4 track cassette tape recorders were introduced in the late 1980’s. It is a standalone unit and requires no computer. The perfect court recording system.

Stenomask Voice Writers are using the Martel Electronics DM246 also. You can record the mask on channel 1 and the deposition or courtroom on the other 3 channels. Since you record in standard .wav format you can easily load the channel one into a voice recognition software such as dragon and get high accuracy voice recognition.

Today there is only one stand alone Digital 4 channel court room recorder with the ability to cover an entire court room. The Court Room Recorder will allow You can add up to 12 separate microphones into the Martel Electronics DM246 court room recorder.

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