Accessories for the DM246 courtroom recording system.

The DM246 is the perfect solution to replace tape systems like the Sony BM246. The system is used to record courtroom proceedings, or any conference where a high quality multi-channel recording is required. The DM246 is also a perfect recorder for board meetings, city council meetings and governance meetings.  Complete digital package for recording and transcribing any type of meeting small or large with total confidence.

Courtroom Recording Microphone BUY NOW

The DM246 Court Recording System has a new Special microphone to help you with recording voice in the court system\room.  This important information about courtroom microphones you must read. In order for a courtroom to record voice clearly it must have the right gain ability. Fortunately we have done all the hard work for you. The New DM246 court recorders microphone is perfect companion to the digital courtroom recording system.  The microphone works all your applications.
Price is $129.00

Wireless court microphoneBUY NOW
The Martel Court Room Wireless Microphone system is designed specifically for Court room recording audio applications. The system features a transmission range up to 150 feet. You can have up to 3 of these units in each court room. If you need to have more than 3 sets of wireless microphones  The system is comprised of:
2.4GHz digital spread spectrum 3 Channels of operation provides excellent quality and up to 150 Feet of range
Martel Audio Grabber Courtroom special microphone
Price is $199.00 Per complete 2 pair set


The XLR CG-1 is specially designed for the courtroom-recorder Dm246. These are also used with the Federal Courtroom recorder DM-246. This version uses phantom power to power the microphone. Please make sure your recorder has phantom power is activated.


Y Cable XLR Male to (2) XLR Females Splitter
Allow 2 microphones to be plugged into one microphone socket on the DM246 court recorder.
Price $19.95


XLR 3 Pin Connector Microphone Extension Cable 25 Feet
Allows you to extended a microphone up to 25 feet away from the DM246 court room recorder.
Hook 2 of these cables together to extend a microphone 50 feet away from the DM246 court recorder.
Price $19.95


32 Gigabyte SDHC memory card for the DM246 Court Recorder
Allows over 24 hours of uninterrupted 4 channel recording on the DM246 court room recorder.
Price $39.00

Professional 18 inch goose neck uni-directional microphone
Goose neck flexible microphone for table top use.
perfect for court room recordings applications.
The DM246 court recorder has the ability to feed these microphones Phantom volt power.
Price $149.99

4  Channel Wireless Microphone Transmitter Package -WIFIEARS- for Courtrooms and Court Reporters


Finally, easy 4 microphone wireless system made for the Court Reporter needs! The 4 Wireless microphone package has 4 independent transmitters that can be placed anywhere in the courtroom or deposition.

These microphones are wireless and have no cables attached to them.

They transmit the audio back to 4 small receiver box that can be hooked into a computer or writer or digital recorder for recording. At the same time you can real-time monitor the audio through you headphones.