4-Channel Transcription Kit for DM246 Courtroom Recorder T-147

4 Channel transcription kit for the court recording system
4 Channel transcription kit for the court recording system


The T147 4-Channel Transbriber

Transcription kit is the companion 4 track transcribing solution for the DM246 Digital Court Room Recorder.
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This transcription kit allows your court transcriptionist listen to each track independently or all 4 tracks at one time. Because of the quality of the DM246’s courtroom recordings, each person speaking is easily identified. Listen to the track with the judge, lawyers, or witness independently and without worry of inaudible portions.

Every digital transcription kit on the market kit is only able to play 1 channel. This means it smooshes all 4 tracks from ANY recorder down into 1 channel that can’t be separated. No isolating one person speaking at a time, and no selecting the specific microphone you need.

The exception to the rule is Martel’s T147 four channel transcription kit. It works just like a normal digital audio transcription kit, adjustable backspace and a footpedal. But most importantly it can split the channels up. Finally there is a kit that can do what the old Sony BM-147 cassette transcriber did for the four track recorders.

Learn the difference between a 4-Channel Transcription kit and a regular transcription kit

You maybe asking what the difference is between a 4-channel transcription software, and a regular transcription software. The main difference is 4-channel transcription software, will Play all four tracks at the same time and allow the court reporter to turn off three channels and listen to only one at a time. This is a key advantage, being able to isolate a judge, or a witness during a court trial, making the record more accurate.

Independent Channel selects:

Listening or transcribing the court record is very difficult at times. Often judges and lawyers are arguing, and not waiting for the other one to speak. This confusion, and simultaneous recording, makes transcribing the document very difficult for the court reporter. The 4-Channel transcription kit, allows you to listen to all four channels at the same time, or channel 2 buy itself, three by itself, four by itself, or any combination of all four.

Four Channel Transcription software is a exclusive product of Martel.


4 Channel Digital Audio Transcriber
Hardware Requirements:
512MB RAM, 200MB disk space, 2GHz processor, Speakers or Headset, USB Port, CD/DVD Drive
Operating System:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server
Supported Audio Formats:
WAV, 4-Channel WAV
Variable Speed Control:
Adjustable Backspace Control:
Volume Control:
Volume Amplification Boost:
4 Separable
Re-configurable Footpedal:
3-Way USB foot pedal