4 Channel Court Room Recorder DM246 8 Directional Microphone Kit DM246-8K

Martel DM246 court recorder\Transcription Package w/8 Uni-Directional Microphones
DM246 8 Microphone Directional Microphone package


The complete 8 Microphone courtroom recording system with four separate tracks. Complete System $1695.00

We combined state-of-the-art digital courtroom recording and easy DVD archiving (10 Cents a Piece).  Get 8 Omni-directional microphones spread out around the courtroom ensures complete coverage of every word. Each of these microphones have a pickup range of 30 feet. Also included is the transcription kit, which contains a USB foot-pedal, headset and 4 track transcription software.

Need a easy All N One Courtroom Pa System? We have it.

The Martel DM246 is the Next generation of 4 channel standalone court room recorders. It is the direct replacement for the discontinued Sony BM-246 and Lanier Advocate 4 courtroom recorders.

We combined state-of-the-art digital courtroom recording and easy DVD archiving (10 Cents a Piece) to make your life simple. It works just like a tape recorder, just plug in microphones and hit record. Do you remember your old, always reliable 4 channel 4 track tape recorder?

Tired of computer recording software that doesn’t work, or has errors causing you to lose the entire record? We have the non-computer solution. Never worry about windows errors while recording, since it isn’t a computer. Numerous Major Court Reporting Firms in Washington DC place large orders to outfit their reporters who cover congressional hearings.

The DM246 was created specifically as a replacement for your 4 track court tape recorders. It has several key distinct advantages to Court agencies: Records 4 separate tracks of audio. Burns directly to a DVD for archiving. Record 6 hours of 4 track audio and burn 1 DVD a day.

Voice Writers are using the DM246 also. You can record the mask on channel 1 and the deposition or courtroom on the other 3 channels. Since you record in standard .wav format you can easily load the channel one into a voice recognition software such as dragon and get high accuracy voice recognition.

Today there is only one stand alone Digital 4 channel court room recorder with the ability to cover an entire court room. You can add up to 8 separate microphones into the DM246 court room recorder. We must stress that we are making only very limited quantities.