4 Channel Court room recorder

Court Recorder

Courtroom Recording

Courtroom Recording

Courtroom Recording. First of all the DM246 is a stand alone 4 Channel Courtroom Recorder\equipment solution system. Turn-Key Solution. DM246 is ONLY OFFICIAL best-selling 4 channel digital courtroom recording system. In addition Martel has been in Business for over 60 Years.

Courtroom Recording Martel DM246 Four Uni-Directional Microphone & Transcription Package DM246 4 Channel Courtroom recording equipment

Starting at $1395 for complete package.

Martel DM246 Four Uni-Directional Microphone & Transcription Package

Court Recording Equipment

The Digital Court Recorder DM246 is a Non PC-based digital courtroom recorder. Furthermore the record utilizes 4 channels. Likewise the judge and other voices are separated. Even more it helps the court reporter transcribe the audio.  Finally its superior to courtroom recording software since it not running on computers.

Used by the New York Supreme Court

Even more its used by the New York Supreme Court. Currently installed in Federal, State and Local governments. In addition its widely used in American courtrooms.  Because the Application are endless. Used in Council Chambers, Interview Rooms and Boardrooms.

Universal Acceptance in all U.S. Courtrooms

News Flash: The Martel Electronics DM246 Court Room Recorder has now received universal acceptance throughout the United States Court System & Canada. US Federal & States Supreme Courts have ordered in all 50 States including DC.

NEW FOR 2017: Modification to the Unit which corrects the Preamp for a super quote voice recording .
Special only on the Martel Electronics DM246 Unit.

Instead of pushing the concept that Court Reporters can be replaced by software and computers, the Martel Electronics DM246 works as a tool to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the reporter. Making them integral to the recording process as well.

This Martel Electronics DM246 is Loaded with Martel Firmware for Courtroom Recording applications.

Best recording system for courtrooms.

Best recording Solution for Courtrooms, boardroom meetings, city council meetings, hearings, seminars, expert panels, focus groups, and Anywhere you need the best voice recorder! Record in complete confidence.

Now used worldwide by the United States Military.

Courtroom Recording Military uses DM246 4 channel court recorder

Furthermore out courtroom recorder is used by the US Military.
Why buy a Martel Electronics DM246 Courtroom Recorder? Because the US Government buys from us.
The Martel Electronics DM246 is the Next generation of 4 channel standalone court room recorders. No computer needed. Also a Perfect recording solution for City hall meetings, Government meetings, board meetings, or any one who needs a superior conference recorder. Tired of computer recording software that doesn’t work? Likewise has errors causing you to lose the entire record? We have the non-computer solution. Never worry about windows errors while recording, since it isn’t a computer.

Customer Testimonial 

“We bought 3 of the Martel Electronics DM246 4 channel courtroom recorders. We use the in our Judge Advocates office. The Martel Electronics DM246 was the perfect replacement for the old Bm246 tape recorders. The 4 Channel recordings are perfect. Your court needs this recorder.”
– Ethan Stewart – Georgia

We combined state-of-the-art digital courtroom recording and easy DVD archiving (10 Cents a Piece) to make your life simple. It works just like a tape recorder, just plug-in microphones and hit record. Do you remember your old, always reliable 4 channel tape recorder?

Numerous Major Court Reporting Firms in Washington DC place large orders to outfit their reporters who cover congressional hearings.

The Martel Electronics DM246 was created specifically as a replacement for your 4 track court tape recorders. It has several key distinct advantages to Court agencies: Records 4 separate tracks of audio. Burns directly to a DVD for archiving. Record 22 hours of 4 track audio and burn a DVD a day.